Monday, January 20, 2014

Laughing at Myself

It's helpful to have a sense of humor when it comes to chronic illness.  I think I'd go nuts if I took these fibro fog antics too seriously.

Last week I was feeling terrible with an upper respiratory bug.  These illnesses are a challenge to recognize in the sea of fibromyalgia symptoms.  It wasn't until my breathing became labored and a cough appeared that I realized the additional fatigue, digestion issues and foggy focus were exasperated by the virus.

During this time, I continued to drive my children to school and on this one day, I (or we) had a great laugh.  At their school there is a car line at the back of the building.  I was sitting in the stopped traffic listening to the joyful noise of happy kids in the morning (well, two out of three isn't bad).  I remember my mind beginning to wander to what the day would bring me and carefully calculating how much energy I was beginning that particular day with.  Protocol for the car line is that the three front cars let children out and drive off then then next three drive up, drop off and so on.  As we sat, the three cars in front of me stopped and students hopped out and entered the school.  The cars in front of me drove off in single file and staying in pattern, I began to move the car ahead and continue to drive.  As I rounded the corner of the building, passing the drop off points, I heard my son gently say, "Mom?"  I politely said, "Yes?" and he replied, "You…we need to get out of the car."

As soon as they saw me smile, the laughter erupted from all four of us.

I ended up dropping them off at the side of the building and they walked around elbowing each other and laughing together.  If I were lacking a funny bone at that time, I would have missed the gratitude I felt about starting the day on a high note with my three teenagers.

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following!!!