Monday, July 28, 2014

The Bravest of Hearts


Your light shines bright every moment of everyday
I see that you don't always feel it
Know that those around you are touched, inspired and warmed by it

Go into the quiet, see the light that others see
Allow yourself to be touched, inspired and warmed by that light
Follow the bliss that permeates your cloak of humanness

See beyond the earthly circumstances to the unlimited potential you possess

The weight of the times drags you down
You continue to take steps; big and small
With a faith that carries all

Your shoulders show the heaviness that you carry
Your eyes show the sparkling of love
Your feet show the persistence of never ending hope

From stand still to trudge
Trudge to stomp
Stomp to march
March to skip
Skip to dance

Always making your way to Dance!

Thank you for being The Bravest of Hearts