Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is Your Chronic Mindset?

What do many of us with chronic illness think about most of the time?  We think about whatever is chronic and getting in the way of living our lives to the fullest.  For me, it's my pain and fuzzy brain.  For some it may be cancer or mental illness.  When we think about the chronic illness part of our lives, it is very difficult to think past just that…illness.

No matter what illness we talk about, just the word 'chronic' insinuates something is wrong, there is a lack of something and we have limitations.  I want to help you change your mindset from the chronic thoughts of chronic illness to the chronic thoughts of chronic wellness.  Yes!  This is possible when living with chronic something.

Let's take the word, chronic and examine it for just a second. offers four similar definitions of this adjective.  The one most of us think of when using the word is, "having long had a disease, habit, weakness or the like."  I'm assuming that the habit that is mentioned must be a bad habit, although that is not clear.  And thank goodness it's not clear, because it leaves the window open for a new thought.  This new way of thinking about something being chronic could be my chronic meditation every morning.  Two of the other definitions that are given are completely in line with this alternate way of thinking about what chronic is.  The first says, "constant; habitual; inveterate." and the second is written, "continuing a long time or recurring frequently."  I have meditated for many years and it occurs frequently.  Best of all, meditation is good for me, I enjoy doing it and it doesn't hurt.

What is your chronic mindset?  No, really.  I want you to acknowledge it.  Good.  Does that line of thinking empower you or shrink you?  Does that thinking allow you to fully express yourself joyfully?  If your answers were, 'no' then it is time to find a new mindset.  Find something, one thing that you do that lifts your spirits.  Do you read uplifting or humorous books, write, help out in any large or small way?  We each have gifts and talents that are meant to be shared and if yours are shadowed by pain or illness, we all lose out.  Know that chronic illness is challenging and good things can come from it.  Start by allowing your body to experience what it is experiencing.  While you allow this, create some joy and watch it grow.

Changing our mindset and focusing on positive, uplifting assets we possess opens doors for a more joyful life.

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following,