Monday, March 24, 2014

WAIT…Is This What Normal Feels Like?

Today has been a day like no other day in the last few years.

I woke up refreshed, which took me off guard.  I'm so use to waking up to the gentle alarm and slowly increasing simulated sunlight and feeling as though I was running a marathon in the dream state.  Today, I opened my eyes and immediately noticed that it was five minutes before my alarm.  My eye lids were not sticking to my eyeballs.  They were unusually moist.  I turned the alarm off before it went off to avoid waking my husband.  The process of getting my legs off the bed and sitting up is typically at a snail's pace.  I started the process taking it slower than molasses, but felt some energy and strength in my legs.  I swung my legs to the floor, sat up and stood…all within seconds.  Any other day, if I had tried that, it would have either been excruciatingly painful or I'd be on the floor.  Not today!  Up and at-um.  I think my hair may have even been floating in the wind with the swift movement.

I reached the floor at the bottom of the steps and paused.  I looked back up the staircase and realized that I alternated legs and didn't hold the handrail all the way down.  I was tempted to try it again, but I didn't want to push my luck.

On most days, I throw a long winter coat over my PJ's to drive the kids to school, but not today.  Today, I got dressed!  I can hardly believe it.  A nice fleece top, jeans and sneakers.  Not that anyone would notice the difference with the long coat, but I could.  Once the kids have been dropped off, I head back home and slowly crawl back into bed with a heating pad.  I'll get up for lunch, dinner and the bathroom but my body aches so deeply when I move that it's hard to get anything done.

I got home from the school run and cleaned the living room, put the laundry away, planned dinner and set up a list of things I could do for the rest of the day.  At noon I left for a day of errands, driving in the sun and visiting the great coast of Maine (about 40 minutes from my home).  I returned home at dinner time with much accomplished.  There was some pain in my neck and torso, but nothing strong enough to knock me down.  Since I've been home, I've done about two hours of paperwork and a Skyped tarot card reading.  Oh, and I'm writing my blog.

This day looks a lot like what I observe from most of society.  Putting daytime clothes on and physically moving and being productive for most of the sunlit hours.  Who knew I'd see this kind of a day again?!  What an incredible blessing!

Now I'm shooting for two 'Normal' days in a row.  Whoo Hoo!  Three cheers for good days!!!

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following!!!