Saturday, November 2, 2013

100 Posts…Thank You World!

This blogging journey began five months ago, with the intention to create an outlet for the thoughts and emotions I experience through fibromyalgia.  I specifically wanted to document the good that can come from chronic illness.  The gifts, though sometimes hidden, I've received from Fibromyalgia.  I figured that if anyone was interested in reading my posts, hopefully they'd be encouraged, inspired and activated to seek the gifts in their lives as well.

Today, I'm celebrating my 100th post and I'm inviting the World to celebrate with me!  Why the World?  Because over 25 countries have logged on and read this blog.  I'm incredibly grateful for the interest and support I've received through my writing.  This medium has given me the opportunity to to connect with wonderful people from all over the globe.

I can see that this journey is already bringing me to new areas of exploration.  It has helped me stay aware of my healing process as well as sharing who I am beyond the illnesses.  I've discovered that a willingness to learn and grow makes life worth living.  I'm not saying that without it, I'd want to die, but without purpose, life is flat.  I live a multi-dimentional life and I'm happy to share the ups, downs and sideways of my experiences.

Together we CAN make a difference!

Thank you, World, for reading, forwarding and following!!!