Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Saved A Life Today!


Local woman saves a life.  While doing her daily morning walk, Terri Naroian began to notice the morbid scene that stretched for over a mile.  On the side of the road were numerous dead frogs.  One after the other.  Scientist say that this year there have been more frogs than any other year.  The natural percentage of little jumpers who survive their migration has risen due to the increased in tadpoles.

Terri's walk began like all the rest.  An early morning rise with the choreographed music of nature married with cars transporting diligent workers.  Her typical path is to walk down the street for a mile and back the same mile.  For a mile and a half she sent prayers to the deceased as she came upon them. At the mile and a half mark, her heart leapt as she spotted a whole frog on the side of the road.  He was small and still but there was life flowing through.  The brave samaritan, knelt down and gently touched the back of the tiny creature and he jumped off the road into the grass.

This hero is a role model for all of our city!  The lives of many can be saved by just the smallest act of kindness.

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