Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Naturopathic Doctor's Visit

Yesterday, I had my first visit ever, with a Naturopathic Doctor.  I've done some alternative therapies in the past, like acupuncture, massage and reiki. Although, I've never had guidance around what combination would work best for me.  I've always felt strongly that, in conjunction with a doctor's expertise and a clear plan for food intake, exercise, the right supplements and treatments, my body would be able to heal.

I was nervous but hopeful about the Naturopathic Doctor.  I did my research ahead of time, and received some great feedback from others with Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.  My hesitation around seeing this doctor, was coming from my many challenging attempts to explain to a new doctor what I was going through.  My experience was that I'd be spending time and energy trying to prove myself to someone I didn't know and someone whom I didn't know if they could help me.  On many occasions, it's been a waste of my time and energy.  The feeling of hope came from the feedback I got as well as from a strong feeling that I'm on the right track with my healing.  I looked at this doctor's website and scoured through it to see if there were any red flags or green flags.  I found no red and all green.  One of the green flags was the doctor's approach.  He combines healing practices and beliefs from all over the world and not just America.  The information on his site was in simple terms and quite understandable to a fibro brainy person.  I liked seeing the information about diet and finding the right foods to eat based on your blood type and body type.  There's fancy scientific words for this, but my brain just doesn't retain that stuff right now.  I felt that what I was seeking was all in this one place; a healthy, all natural, alternative healing center that looked at the person as a whole.  Every system in the body needs to work with, not against, all the other systems in the body.  If the pancreas is not working efficiently and effectively, the sugars in the body are irregular leading to hypoglycemia or diabetes and can contribute to fat storage.  Spikes in sugar levels will take their toll on the adrenal glands, which in turn could lead to chronic fatigue.  Now, I'm not a doctor but, even in brain fog, I can see the obvious negative chain reaction illness can cause in the body.  Seeing that everything I had hoped for, in my medical care, may be under on roof, I was excited to see this doctor.

My appointment was 3 hours and nothing short of mind blowing.  One of the first things the doctor told me was that he did not want to hear about any diagnosis or challenges I've been dealing with.  He would read that later in my paperwork, after he did his unbiased exam.  His exam consisted of a finger prick blood test to determine my blood type, blood pressure, multiple pulse areas, examining my eyes and determining body type.  I was comfortable and able to stay in my clothes, not having to put on one of those horrific paper johnnies.  The blood type exam determines the best foods to eat and this, for me was the most crucial part.  I've tried for years to find the foods that work best for my body.  All I've been able to come up with is that sugar doesn't work for me and carbs, which turn into sugars in the body, don't work for me.  Not knowing much else, I just started cutting things out, hoping that I'd begin feeling better soon, until I found myself as a raw food vegan.  Come to find out, I should be eating red-meat protein at least 3 times a day.  Raw vegis don't work for my digestion and I was right about the sugar. they say in the south, "Butter my biscuits!"  Who knew?  This explains why I was craving meat when I finished my juice fast.  Oh, and he also said that with my energy levels at a 0, a juice fast is not a good idea.  Oops...too late.  The doctor concluded so many things about my current state of health.  He didn't need convincing.  He didn't even need me to tell him what my challenges are. He told me and was right on target.  He told me about my wacky hormone levels, the hypoglycemia,  the chronic pain, chronic fatigue, pancreatic cyst, IBS, poor memory, neuro symptoms connected to difficulty walking and so much more.  He was detailed, understandable and caring.

I was thrilled to have walked away with a meal plan designed to help me heal, therapeutic choices to consider and natural supplements that are formulated for my body type and specific challenges.  And to think, none of them have a big warning on them or a long list of small-print side effects that end in, "possible death".

It's important to me to have a team member who also believes that the body is very intelligent.  If given the love, compassion and support it needs, it can heal itself.  How many of us never put time or thought into how the body would thank us if we are gentle and compassionate towards it.  I now feel as though my team is complete and ready for the healing process to truly begin.

Thanks for reading, forwarding and following my posts!!!