Friday, August 16, 2013

Open to Joy...

This morning, my husband joined me on my morning walk.  We made note of the gorgeous sunny day and the perfect temperature.  I was a bit groggy and quieter than normal.  We live about 5 houses from a major intersection, and there's no light at this busy crossing.  Typically, during morning rush hour, the cars wiz by without even noticing that there are two pedestrians, with brightly colored clothes, standing at the edge of the crosswalk.  Most of the time we just stand there, waiting for the traffic to thin out or for some kind driver to notice us.  Today, we got to the intersection and saw no cars.  Not one...from either direction.  I immediately, also noticed that the crosswalks were crisp white; newly painted for the kids returning to school.  Ray was half way across and as I began to cross, I started to skip.  While he was in front of me, assuming that I was walking right behind him, he began to dance across the street.  I zigged and zagged skipping my way across and he danced! Our faces were overcome with smiles and laughter just burst out of our mouths.  Pure Joy!  We joked about how we're the strange neighbors and that the two yappy dogs that are usually chasing us down, within their fenced yard, were too befuddled
to come out and greet us.

I've been on a quest to learn how to focus on the joy.  I'm practicing refocusing when I catch my thoughts or moods going south.  Joy is my compass.  I feel alive and in alignment with who I truly am when I'm feeling joyful.

I recently found this 3 min video of Abraham Hicks speaking about, How to Feel Joy!

Click Here For the Video

After our unique venture to the other side of the street, my grogginess lifted, he was more talkative and our pace picked up.  As Ray would say, "We were going at a good clip."

Follow the joy.  Open to it...and at the very least, a smile will emerge :)

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following my posts!!!