Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pain Makes Me Cry

I'm in the midst of a very good journey toward sustainable health!  My energy levels are more consistent, my moods are definitely more consistent (you can even ask my family) and my thought process has been clearer.  I would say that there is more than welcome improvement, after two weeks of the Naturopathic way.  I would also say that there is a ways to go.

I'm feeling as though I'm on a much deserved road trip and there are small sights to visit along the way.  I'm pulling over to a unique tourist attraction with curiosity and wonder.  Think...The Largest Rubber Band Ball in the World.  It's interesting and a good place to stop, but it's only the first stop on this journey.  There is a realization that when I reach a level of sustainable health, it's not the final journey on the road to health, just subsequent and exciting trips.

During the last couple of days, I've noticed a slip in my energy and moods.  I'm aware that my digestion is struggling and that, in the past has been a cause of my energy and mood shifts.  Today, I woke up feeling sluggish and not rested.  After my daily walk/jog (or wog), I felt nauseous with abdominal pain. I went to rest and fell asleep for about an hour.  The pain didn't subside, but was manageable with no movement and no stress.  Of course, at lunch time I got up to make myself lunch, forgetting that I wasn't moving because it caused pain.  The memory returned very quickly when the pain hit, "Oh, I was in bed all morning because walking around hurt."  Sometimes I'm three prongs short of a fork :)

I walked to the kitchen and forgot why I was there.  The tears began to flow and my son asked me if I was okay and looked at the hand that was holding my stomach.  I didn't even realize I was holding my stomach.  Here...I have some work to do.  I need to learn how to reverse the 'shut off pain to the brain' switch.  I designed this switch in order to accomplish the 'suppose to' list.  Now, I know that there is nothing I'm suppose to do or have to do.  I need to turn that switch so I can allow my body to communicate it's needs again.

My son offered to cook my lunch and I went back to bed in a gush of tears.  My husband took care of the time sensitive (today) issues and I've rested enough to have energy to spare for my blog :D.

I'm obviously learning some great lessons around how to turn the phone off, ask for help and forward any children's requests to Ray during times of extreme healing.

Thanks for reading, following and forwarding my posts!!!