Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hey...Where You Rushing Off To?

Hi, how are you? Sorry, gotta run.

Let's see...
  meeting, dry cleaning
kids to soccer, Facebook blocker
  banking, proposal tanking
leads, must appease
  network, cook the pork
Buy a clutch, learn Dutch
  exercise, compromise
Clean the house, kiss the spouse
  Call Mom, teen to the prom

Ahhh...Vacation.  Finally some rest

Day 1
5am- Airport
11am-Tickets to Vegas Show
2pm-guided tour
4pm-drive to dolphin show
5pm-tickets to dolphin show
7pm-dinner reservations

Day 2
7am-Breakfast restervations
9am-amusement park
11am-stand in line for noon show
5pm-Dash to dinner theatre

Day 3
7am-breakfast reservations
9am-bus tour driving by famous people's houses
1pm-lunch at theme restaurant
3pm-boat ride and drinks
5pm-hotel to work on proposal
7pm-room service dinner. proposal isn't finished
Midnight-falling asleep, drooling on proposal

Day 4
7am-call from boss
1pm-flight home
4pm-taxi to work from airport

Hey, good to see you.  How was vacation?

How is this working for you?

Thanks for reading, forwarding and following!!!