Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's Not All About the Fibro

Although it may seem as though my life revolves around my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, there is so much more to my wonderful life than that.


*taking my kids to tour high schools for next year
*talking to the greatest sister on earth
*reaching out to my parents and siblings to help move my Mother-in-law
*taking an entire day, to pack my Mother-in-law's apartment, with the kids
*watching my daughters laugh and play together
*seeing my son laugh so hard he loses his breath
*listening to my husband tell me about the toys and various things being thrown back and forth between him and my son
*interacting with my brother on FB
*enjoying wonderful memories of past friendships

There's so much more going on…and I love it!!!

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following!!!