Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vote on My Halloween Costume

Hi All,

I'm thinking about halloween.  I'm usually not a big fan, but it's nice to play dress-up once in a while.  My kids are going to a party next week and they're deciding what to be.  My son is planning to dress as a video game character and last I heard my middle child was going to be Where's Waldo and photo bomb all the pictures being taken.  My youngest has been in the garage building a wearable refrigerator.  So all this activity go me a-thinkin'.

Which one of the following do you think I should dress up as?

A healthy person- but what exactly does that look like?

A money tree

The triplet shuffle taxi - suspenders holding a cardboard car around me, labeled 'triplet shuffle'

Ghandi - but would I have to shave my head?

Fibro flare...I mean a Zombie - same thing right?  Feeling half dead, walk funny, bags under my eyes,
grabbing ahold of things so I don't fall down, eyes buggy from the prescription meds, mumbled words, jerky movements, hair a mess, maybe even wear my old bathrobe and slippers.

That's a pretty good start for ideas.  Send me your ideas.  I might just use your idea and post a picture here on my blog.

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following!!!