Monday, October 7, 2013

What Are We Chasing?

I'm perplexed.  What is it, exactly, that we're chasing?  People feel the need to be better, faster, have more, be successful, then more successful, have tight and wrinkle free skin, perfect teeth, the best car, another step up the ladder, a crisper mind, etc...

To get where?  Is there a destination, because from what I see, once people reach the goal they set, they are not satisfied.

This, I've even seen with seeking enlightenment.  First of all, what does that mean, to be enlightened?  Will we know it when we get there?  Is it possible to get there?  We throw ourselves and our money into seminars, retreats, the latest technology and silence.  Will these bring us to be enlightened faster?  Maybe, but first, we must find happiness and contentment here.  Right now, where we are.

I've used this metaphor before and I think it helps to explain what I'm getting at.  We are all evolving,
whether we are pushing the process or not.  The push is what causes push-back or resistance. Many of us feel it as stress.  We also know that stress is counterproductive.  Lets take a baby, for instance.  The cute bundle just learned how to crawl.  We're so proud and amazed at how the adults who know how to walk didn't have to actually get down on all fours and teach, step by step, this bundle of joy how to crawl.  There is an innate knowing in us, as humans, that takes us to the next level in our evolution.  I don't think any of us would see the baby crawl for the first time and grab her under the arms, stand her on her feet and expect her to walk.  And we surely wouldn't stand her on her feet, let go, see her fall and scold her for not doing what we want her to do.  How silly would that be?

Ok, we're adults and we've all had our experiences of going through some stuff.  Some we willed ourselves through and some we kicked and screamed the whole way because we felt it was the wrong direction for us.  What do we know?  I'm sure each of us can look back at those kicking and screaming times and see now, that they were important turns in our lives.

Is it possible that we could enjoy today, embracing all that we are and all that there is to be grateful for?  Could we also and at the same time, be wowed by our ideas of the future?  Instead of blocking out today's gifts because we're in such a hurry to reach tomorrow, just lean into the ideas we have of tomorrow.  Our energy can be conserved for enjoyment now and not burned up trying to reach a future something.  Tomorrow will come and with a simple and graceful leaning toward where we'd like tomorrow to bring us, we can co-captain this ship.

Make a shift from chasing to leaning.

Thanks for reading, forwarding and following!!!