Monday, July 8, 2013

Being on Disability is a Full Time Job

If anyone out there has a life vest, I could sure use it about now.  I spent six hours, today, reading health insurance information, prescription coverage options, trying to understand how disability payments and taxes work, dialing through the automated phone system at MassHealth, being transferred to yet another person who couldn't decipher my case.

My husband makes payments toward a family health plan, through his workplace, and due to my illness, the kids and I also receive MassHealth.  Since I was approved for disability, I now receive Medicare and Health Safety Net.  It took my fibro brain a few hours to understand the basics of it, so far.  My husband is covered by one insurance, I'm covered by four and my children are covered by two.  WHAT?  Oh, and this will all change as of August 8th when our MassHealth is up for review.  The review form is at least ten pages and asks the basic questions, that they already have the answers to, then progresses to a list of what you must provide as proof of everything you just filled out.  I think I have to send a DNA sample, a dental imprint and a pap-smear test, but I'm not sure.

It's been two, long years of trying to prove that fibromyalgia is real and I live with it everyday.  There are days when I'm unable to walk and days when sitting up is too painful, so I have no choice but to lay  down.  During the process of applying for disability, I worked with a great company.  They did most of the paperwork, they kept track of what needed to happen next, they were available to answer any and all of my questions along the way, they were patient over the phone on those days when my communication and comprehension were poor.  I'm so grateful that I didn't have to work my tail off to prove that I couldn't work.

I think there should be a sister company who manages the 'after approval' hoops and red tape.  I'm exhausted from my work/non-work day, today.  The first rule for someone with a chronic illness...don't over do it!

So, enough with my rant.  I'm going to rest and relax and smile about what I accomplished today.  Great things were completed, I'm contributing financially to my family again :) I had my family around, all day, and it was a beautiful, bright and sunny day. So much to celebrate!

Thanks for reading, forwarding and following my posts!!!