Monday, July 22, 2013

Time for a New Course of Action

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002 and have gotten little support from the mainstream medical profession and an increase in the severity of the symptoms.  Even my Rheumatologist told me that if I'm unable to tolerate prescription medications, that there was nothing more she could do for me.  I've been to every specialist that my insurance would agree to cover; pain management, physical therapy, psychiatry, gastrointestinal specialist, neurologist, biofeedback, water therapy and rheumatology.  All of which have not been successful in helping me with this chronic illness.

I feel as though I am shuffling through a deck of cards and not finding the Ace of Hearts.  Each doctor's visit takes time and energy and ends with a prescription pad.  When I'm not in a fibro fog, I am a pretty good advocate for myself, but with the fog, the prescription gets written.  On the days when my head is clear, I remember to let the doctor know or remind the doctor that my body does not tolerate prescriptions well.  At this time in my healing process, I am turning down all prescriptions.  After 12+ prescriptions in the last two years and multiple ER visits due to severe side effects, I'm done looking for answers in the mainstream medical community.

I've decided to seek out a naturopathic community to, at least, get a comprehensive evaluation of how my body is challenged as a whole.  My inner knowing tells me that there are toxins that I may have or still am exposed to that my chemical make-up is seriously effected by.  I also believe that it is possible to treat the many systems, in the body, as one system and not a slew of separate systems working independently of each other.  The internal organs, blood, brain, nervous system, etc. each have important jobs, not one more important than the other, but each specializing in an area that effects all other areas.  The body is a wonderful and intelligent community.

Maybe my body is mirroring my outer state of mind, not knowing the work I'm meant to do in the world. My inner systems may not remember or have a clear sense of their individual jobs and how to connect and create a healthy whole.  Is it possible that the heart has been misled into believing that it's only purpose is to beat and circulate blood to the rest of the body?  Now we are learning, through modern science, that the heart is working similarly to the brain.  It's even been called our second brain.  We've almost, been aware of this for as long as we've been using the phrase, "Listen to your heart." or "Follow your heart."  I think it's very possible that the systems in the body, each have more potential than we give them credit for.  One thing I do know, is they are suppose to be working together, efficiently coordinated and in harmony.  The music my body is playing is not pretty, although, I know it can be.

I have felt like cattle when going to mainstream medical doctors.  They are trained to listen to symptoms and based on a grouping of, sometimes, overlapping symptoms, diagnose and write prescriptions.  Often, one prescription's purpose is only to offset the side effects of another prescription.  The treatment is splintered and not cohesive.  I would hear, "next" by the nurse waiting at the door for the next patient in a line of many, shuffled into a cold, sterile feeling room for another waiting period.  The doctor would come in, check the stats the nurse took, listen to my heart and my breath.  Then would send me into flare by pushing all the tender points on my back, ask a couple of questions and send me on my way.  I understand that efficiency can be achieved by having a set routine for patient visits, but it can turn into a cookie cutter system that doesn't necessarily treat the patient effectively but still gets paid, well.

I am choosing to find an integral approach to healing my body.  This approach will also look at an important part that is often left out of the healing process and that's the soul.  As much as I believe that it is completely possible for a person to live in peace and harmony, I believe the body can as well.

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following my posts!!!