Monday, July 29, 2013

The Crow's Nest

Summer time is always a time of transition for my family.  With three children, the daily schedule is laid back and flexible.  The structure of each week is different and the kids seem to be stretching themselves, literally and figuratively.  They grow so much in the three months of sun, water and fun.  One of my children has grown almost 4 inches since being out of school.  Also, they are at the age where independence is becoming more important as well as keeping their own personal sense of structure.  They've asked to plan their own time when it comes to getting things accomplished, including what's expected of them at home and time with their friends, iPods, video games, TV and listening to music.  Having three the same age, it was easiest for me to keep them on the same schedule but also keep in mind that they are individuals.  The last couple of Summers, they were able to choose a camp that they were most interested in.  One went to New York, the other to the Cape area in Massachusetts and the third was 20 minutes away from home.  This year, they didn't go in different directions for camp, but within the family and our household, they have gone in many different directions.  They are now taking on personal responsibility to ensure that they contribute to upkeep of the yard and house, their vacation school assignments, High School applications and social lives.

I'm now in a position to observe and guide from a distance instead of having two hands on the wheel of the ship.  I think they would be happy if I were in the crow's nest, looking ahead, across the seas to warn them, gently, of oncoming storms or obstacles.  My time for leading them is fading into gently guiding and supporting them as leaders.

I'm proud of them for asking for what they needed this Summer.  It's been a transition for me to take on a new role and not have the feelings of them not needing me anymore.  I see the maturity and the lessons being learned and remind them that I'm here if they need me.  I still poke my nose in at times when I don't realize they have it handled.  Then I get tossed that 'look' and I slowly back away with a smirk of "oh, did I say that out loud?  My bad."

As individuals, we have the opportunity to grow and learn constantly and as a family, the same applies. If we are aware and in tune with each other, we can go through transitions together, supporting and loving each other ever step of the way.

Thanks for reading, forwarding and following my posts!!!