Monday, June 17, 2013

Mom Told Me I'd Have Days Like These

How many of us can truly admit that Mom was right?  Well, mine is  pretty on target with things and at 45 years old, I'm grateful for that.  Of course, at 15, she didn't know she's really learned a lot over the years. :-D

My Mom isn't one to give advice unsolicited.  She has always been one to allow space for growth and self learning and when we were ready for her two cents, we'd ask.  Even then, she didn't lecture.  It's more like answering just the question to not give more than what the inquisitor is ready to hear.

I've observed my mother live with Fibromyalgia since my late teens.  There wasn't much information about what she had, at the time, but we knew she was struggling with some physical ailment.  She had great fatigue, body aches, and she couldn't sleep at night.  And these are just the things I observed years back, so I'm sure there was much more she was trying to manage with her health.

Today, I give my Mom a nod of appreciation.  It just happened to be a more physically challenging day than I've had in a while.  I still woke up, put my feet on the floor and went out the door, for my morning joggle.  It was more of a zig zag joggle than usual.  I'm lucky we live on a fairly quiet street.  My balance was way off.  The energy from the endorphins, that I look forward to after exercise, just was not there.  Throughout the day, I would have half formulated thoughts of things that needed my attention, but I struggled to complete the though.  My balance was off so much that my husband didn't want me to use the outside grill to cook dinner, concerned that I may stumble onto the hot surface.

One of my daughters observed that my physical state was challenged and began to help me out.  I was sitting at the table, getting ready to tackle some of the half-thoughts of tasks when she insisted that I sit on the couch.  Her reasoning was that it was a "softer place to land".  I did a bit of reading and prepared for a meeting I have tomorrow, but mentally got lost in the process.  I think there must be signs I give off when I'm lost or confused because my daughter, then insisted that she help me to bed.
She walked me to the bedroom, brought me my basket of pills, water, phone, laptop and set out my PJ's.  Although, it was her bedtime, she sad with me for a little extra time.  I think she was just making sure that I was settling in okay.  On her way to bed, she told me to give a holler if I needed anything.  Warms my heart.

Although, my Mom didn't tell me that I'd have 3 amazing and compassionate children to assist me when I needed help, she did tell me that I'd have days that were more painful than others.  Mom reminds me that I don't have the flu, I have fibromyalgia.  She also reminds me that what is more important than the physical and emotional struggles is family and we move through the struggles to experience the quality time with family.

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following my blog!!