Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Grateful 4

Long ago I started being mindful of what I was grateful for.  It was a very nice shift from the obsessions over world crisis, tomorrow's unknowns and stresses of the day.  My children began their own Grateful 4 journals at age 6, and we would sit together, on the floor, sharing the four things we were each grateful for.  Here are a some of their entries;

         I thakfl fo my brothr am sisr (I'm thankful for my brother and sister)
         Im thakfl fo my scl (I'm thankful for my school)
         Im thakfl fo my famole (I'm thankful for my family)
         my mom hgs me then i hg hr bak (my mom hugs me then I hug her back)
         pece (peace)
         Stors (stars)

Today, here are mine;
1.  Family!  Starting with my husband and three wonderful children.  As I sit here and write, I can hear the heart-swelling sounds of teenage laughter.  I sit here knowing that my husband was able to take a rare, but supremely deserved day of rest.  He literally watched movies all day.  Which is one of his favorite things to do, being a film and tv person.  I've written a whole post on my amazing husband, so I'll use this time to praise my offspring.  I feel they are my angels.  Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew that they chose me.  I'm grateful that they chose me and I strive to be the best guide to them in this world, that I can be.  Although they are triplets, they are very different people, with very different interests.  Every day, I'm thankful for their light, gifts and personalities.  As a single mom, for 12 years, to these miracle three, I am blessed that I was able to bond with them so closely.

2.  Health!  It may seem strange for a fibro chick to be grateful for health, but it's true.  Health and wellness have always been a top core value in my life.  I look at each day, good and challenging, as opportunities to learn more about bettering my health and taking stock in the health I have.  I can eat healthy foods, exercise every day, walk, communicate, create, and explore.  These are all wonderful aspects of health.  My physical and mental selves don't always function the way I'd like them to, but then I see it as a good lesson in non-attachment to the expectations of my experiences.  And where would the wonder and curiosity be if what I expected came my way all the time?

3.  Being alive during this World changing shift in consciousness!  This is one of the most important times in our world.  We are at a tipping point.  The dichotomy that surrounds us is creating war and peace.  We are learning about the true government and the cover-ups as well as the monopolies that parent numerous small companies, giving them great power.  On the other side, there are peace groups forming, social networks coming together to envision a better way to live in this world.  There are numerous individuals who are teaching us how to create a better world and it begins with taking responsibility of our own choices and our own lives.  There is an uprising of the people and I find it fascinating! Don't get me wrong, I've never been interested in politics, but observing, reading and learning about what is happening around the globe make me want to get involved.

4.   My process in blogging!  Writing about my inner experiences and being transparent about my world has given me great freedom.  For some, freedom comes from journaling and keeping it in a nice, sometimes hidden or locked, notebook.  Some find relief in venting to a friend.  I've tried many avenues to try to find what works best for me.  So far, writing down what is flowing through me in the moment creates a sense of relief.  After each post, I notice a lift in my energy.  I am doing something that I can truly enjoy and it flows with ease and grace.  I'm also receiving feedback from others who relate, or laugh or cry while reading my posts.  Bonus!  There is nothing better than doing something that comes form the heart and brings great joy that also benefits others!

What are your Grateful 4?

Thank you for reading, forwarding and following my blog!