Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not So Gentle Reminders

Wow!  What a whirl-wind, this morning.  It really started last night, but I think I was in such a fibro fog, it didn't phase me much.  At 9pm last night, I was asked if I could drive everyone to school, in the morning.  When I inquired as to why the bus wouldn't do, I was told that they all signed up to bring something in for a brunch they'd be making on their last day of school.  Well, that didn't exactly answer the bus question, but as I persisted in my questioning, I found out that one teen was borrowing our waffle maker, the other, a dozen eggs (good thing I had extra) and my third child agreed to bring in our extra large pancake skittle.  "Ok", I said about the ride to school, and I went off to bed.

This morning, I slept in an hour extra, forgoing my morning quiet time because of extreme fatigue.  Big mistake!  As soon as I was up, the excitement of three teenagers looking forward to going to a graduation, doing a flash mob dance for their classmates, working out what to wear, "Do these shoes match my dress?  Mom, can I go in your closet to see if you have shoes I can wear?"and the anticipation of tomorrow being the last day of school, began.  The emotions and energy were much too high for my neurologically sensitive, fibromyalgia, anxiety, sleep deprived body.  I was bumping into walls, I forgot they needed lunches and couldn't figure out the can opener while fighting with 'chicken of the sea'.  During the time all of this is going on, my calm, collected and half-awake husband wanders through to give me a kiss good morning then disappears back into the bedroom.

I usually wake up an hour before everyone else to exercise for a half hour, getting the blood flowing to the limbs and brain.  Then I sit with my cup of tea, pills and spiritual reading.  This helps me center, so I can start my day with a clear head (as much as fibro brain will allow on any given day) and an intention to carry me through the day.  Then I begin to wake the kids, so the morning hustle and bustle can begin.

Sometimes we just need a cosmic two-by-four up side the head to remind us to do the right thing.  Whether it's getting up a little earlier even though the fatigue is heavy or it's exercising even when the muscles ache, routine is important and shows the body consistency and respect.

Well, tomorrow is the last day of school and I was asked to drive them to school extra early, so they can begin cooking with all our borrowed kitchen ware.  So, I'm heading to bed, AND, I'm getting up at 5:30 to have my 'me time'.

Thanks for reading, forwarding and following my posts!